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WTM- Walk 1; Planet Fitness

Last night I learned a valuable rule: Do not go to Planet Fitness at 6:30pm if you do not want stimulation overload in T-5 seconds.

My partner (Purdy) and our friend Andy got memberships together in order to increase the probability that we will actually work out. We chose Planet Fitness because it was 10 bucks a month with no contract, and close to Andy’s work. Purdy and Andy like it because there are so many people, nobody notices you. I like it because they have numbered stations and symmetrical rows of machines. My organizational compulsion is appeased by that.


Wait free zone. (Get it?)

Turns out people with normal jobs all get out of work at the same time. Smart people go to the gym after work so they can go home and rest. The result is that everyone in West Lansing was in the gym when we arrived to get our ID tags and free t-shirts.

Two very nice ladies moved over on the treadmill so that we could all walk together. (We never intended a strenuous workout, we just wanted to see the place and I wanted to get walkin’.)

My comfortable walking pace is about 3.2 mph. I hope to improve on that as my hips and hamstrings realize they’re being used for their intended purpose again.

Note on being a hobbit: Purdy (who is 6’2”…or okay, 5’10”) was walking next to me (5′ 2 3/4”). The treadmill readouts showed the same speed, but one of us was casually strolling and one of us was briskly hoofing it.


Purdy is the one in the back on the far right. I’m the one in the front row with the short curly hair.

We walked for 23 minutes. I managed 1.13 miles. I am currently “leaving Bag End, heading west.”

We left the mass of gym bodies for Andy’s house where we played Arkham Horror until midnight.

Are you joining the walk? Reply to this post and share your plans!