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Walking To Mordor- Day 1

So, I’m not a runner.  I walk faster than I can run due to my magnificent hips, and with my low center of gravity I’m better built to lift heavy things than to run a 5k. My asthma kicks in pretty quickly, and if there’s anything I like less than running, its running and not breathing.

Since I have come to accept my hobbit-like status (bestowed upon me by older brothers), I have decided to engage in hobbit-like activities by walking to Mordor.

Using this guide I will follow the path of Frodo and Sam from Hobbiton to Mt. Doom.

It is 1779 miles, but I have all the time in the world and only adipose to lose (as opposed to a ring made of pure evil). I plan to be in better shape than Frodo when I make it. Ie.) In possession of rational thought, able to stand up straight and without chapped lips.

I am a wimp when it comes to cold weather, so starting my journey in November means a treadmill. I plan to change the gradient as the terrain of my journey changes.

Thank goodness the mountains come later!

I hope to finish my journey in a year, but 1779 miles in 365 days means 5 miles a day. Will I manage that? Indisputably, no. The hobbits walked 18 miles their first day, but that was their only activity.

All day.

Just think of all the trees…

I have one or twenty other commitments at any given time, so we will see how far I get in a year.

My feet are one of the less hobbit-y things about me, so here are the walking shoes I purchased from Playmakers:

From Playmakers!

Poll: Does neon make you run faster?

Here is the spreadsheet I made to keep track of my progress. If you want to view it properly, you need to download the Kelt, Aniron and Ringbearer fonts (for when Cambria just won’t do).

Walking Spreadsheet

The first leg of the journey is 458 miles from Hobbinton to Rivendell.

I step outside my door today.